Turbine Flow Meter PFAD Flow Sensor, Disposable

PFA Wetted Parts, F.S. Ranges of 2 & 20 lpm, Frequency Output


The PFAD disposable flow meter / flow sensor has been developed to perform a fast exchange of the flow tube to accommodate hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry. It is suitable for clear, opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids including fuel.

A field replaceable ultra-lightweight turbine assembly follows the fluctuation of flow very accurately and generates a high resolution IR reflected digital output signal.

In either flow controlled or flow monitoring applications, the PFAD flow sensor can measure flow rates and totalize. Optional elements built into the circuit include a programmable K factor, flow switch and a programmable batch feedback function for pump control.

External optional electronic packages include model 6100 digital to analog (4-20 mA) converter. Also model S601, a professional, solid batch and flow controller that can be used as a flow monitor and/or flow totalizer and model 6300 flow switch module for use with optional built-in flow switch and batch functions.


  • Turbine flowsensor with high resolution output
  • Flow measuring by revolutionary IR turbine reflection
  • PFA for high chemical and corrosion resistance
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Suitable for opaque liquids
  • PFA meets all the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia Class VI
  • BSE/TSE certificate available
  • All wetted parts are made of PFA with ruby bearing

Model PFAD0045 PFAD0085
Inner diameter in mm 4.5 8.5
Flow range 0.06 - 2 L/min 0.5 - 20 L/min
Accuracy 1% of reading 1% of reading
Repeatability < 0.15 % < 0.15 %
Wetted parts PFA / Ruby PFA / Ruby
Tube connection thread/hose barb 1/8" NPT / 7 mm 1/4" NPT/ 12 mm
Tube length in mm 52 60
Liquid temperature in °C -20 to +80 -20 to +80
Max. pressure at 20°C in bar (psi) 20 (284) 15 (213)
Viscosity in cSt. 0.8 - 10 0.8 - 10
K factor (water) in pulse/Liter 110,000 6,100
Power supply 5 - 24 Vdc 5 - 24 Vdc
Output signal 5 - 24 V sq. wave 5 - 24 V sq. wave
Power consumption 34 mA at 5 V 34 mA at 5 V
Electrical lead PVC 1 meter PVC 1 meter
Recommended Line filter 100μm 100μm

 Turbine Flow Meter PFAD Flow Sensor, Disposable Working Principle

Working Principal:
A static worm forces the passing fluid to spin. The spinning fluid drives a rotor with reflectors into a frictionless rotation. A high resolution infrared sensor determines the rate of flow by counting the passing reflections. The set up even allows the flow of opaque liquids to be determined accurately. The ultra low mass of the rotor guarantees a quick response to changes in the rate of flow.

Wiring Diagram

Dimensions (MM)
  0045- Barb 0045- NPT 0085- Barb 0085- NPT
A 50.8 51.5 60.3 60.3
B 14.7 15.8 19.2 19.2
C 16.6 15.8 19.2 19.2
D 60.6 60.6 66.8 66.8
E 36.7 36.7 36.7 36.7
F 46.5 45.5 44.4 44.4
G 7.8 9.8 13.2 13.2
H 4.6 4.7 9.0 9.0

Wiring Diagram



A=Model B=Tube Dia./Range C=Wetted Material D=Connection E=Cable Type F=Cable Length G=Power
PFAD 0045= 4.5 mm/0.1-2 l/min T=PFA & Ruby H= Hose Barb P= PVC 01= Standard DL=5 VDC
0085= 8.5 mm/1.0-20 l/min N= NPT 02= 2 meters DA=5-30 VDC
DX=5-30 VDC w/microchip
Options (Built-in to Housing Electronics)
1PD= Pulse Divider
1,2F= Flow Switch
1,2B= Batch Function
1 Requires X Power Option
2 Requires Model 6300 Switch
Replacement Flow Tubes
PFAD0045TH000DX- Replacement flow tube, 4.5 mm tube, 7 mm hose barb
PFAD0045TN000DX- eplacement flow tube, 4.5 mm tube, 1/8" NPT
PFAD0085TH000DX- Replacement flow tube, 8.5 mm tube, 12 mm hose barb
PFAD0085TNH000DX- Replacement flow tube, 8.5 mm tube, 1/4" NPT
Replacement Electronics
PFAD0045PXP01DX- Replacement electronics, 1m cable, 4.5 mm tube
PFAD0045PXP01DX- Replacement electronics, 1m cable, 8.5 mm tube

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