20KD Series Diaphragm Pump

Gas Flow Rate to 800 ml/m


The 20KD series is a miniature diaphragm pump which, uniquely for this class of Pumps, offers the significant advantages of a double head design within a 12 mm width frame size. The double-headed construction extends performance range to an impressive 75% vacuum and 1.5 bar pressure, reduces pulsation and offers slow running with the associated benefits of reduced sound and extended life. Typical examples include portable environmental gas analysis, medical monitoring, medical therapy and chemical agents/biohazard detection.

The 20KD is additionally available in a ‘Low Flow’ configuration that
maximizes efficiency (hence also battery life) at the lower end flow
range of this series. This is achieved through the use of an optimized
low-speed coreless motor combined with a pump head specifically
designed for low flow. They are listed as below as ‘Coreless LF’.

Use of high strength glass filled PPS plastics ensure a robust
construction with a high degree of air-tightness throughout the
performance and environmental operating range.

The flat design also facilitates ‘twin’ mounting offering the flexibility of
4 independent gas channels within a 24mm width.

Flow control is available in combination with PWM Flow Controller.

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