29QQ Peristaltic Pump

Miniature Peristaltic Pump, 10μl to 50 ml/min


The 29QQ Series is Boxer’s most compact miniature peristaltic pump. The low dosing volume and small form factor make it ideal for microfluidic applications. OEM customization is at the core of the 29QQ through the ability to cater the product configuration towards the application requirements. Through selection of motor type and tubing size, the 29QQ can achieve flows as low as 10 microliters per minute and as high as 50 milliliters per minute. Applications requiring speed control can be handled through selection of stepper motor and drivers. Alternatively, a constant dose rate can be handled with a brushed DC gearmotor. Add-on options such as encoders for speed sensing and lid close sensors are also useful for OEM integration.

Considering the full range of options and tube sets, over 800 different configurations of this pump are available.

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