6110 Barcode Scanner for Disposable Flow Sensors

Easily scales flow sensor output when sensors are changed out


This barcode scanner is typically used in combination with an Equflow disposable flow tube/sensor and tube holder/Flowmeter and connects to the customer’s controller/receiver, where the flow sensor digital signal is processed.

Without the 6110 barcode scanner exchanging a flow tube requires the operator to enter the new K-factor in their receiver each time a flow tube is changed out. The Equflow 6110 Barcode scanner is designed to convert the output of each flowmeter to a user defined value/K factor. This value has to be entered only once and is typically the value of the first flow tube scanned when the system is commissioned. Upon exchanging the flow tube, scanning the new flow tubes barcode using the 6110 barcode scanner is all that is needed for the barcode scanner to convert the flow tube pulse output to the user defined value pulse output.

Flow Sensor SS
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