ALMEMO® Measuring and Data Logging Instruments

Data Logging Instruments for All Sensors, 1 to 1000 Measuring Points


The ALMEMO system comprises an ALMEMO measuring instrument and intelligent ALMEMO connectors for the relevant sensor equipment. An extensive range of measuring instrument variants is thus available – from the single-channel transmitter right through to data acquisition systems with over 1000 measuring points.

The primary differences between most of the measuring instruments in the ALMEMO series concern their housing (i.e. handheld instruments, desktop instruments, 19-inch systems, fitted panel instruments, transmitters, etc.), the number of measuring inputs (1 to 250), the display, output, and operating controls, and their respective power supplies.

As soon as a sensor or interface cable is connected, the ALMEMO measuring instrument will, thanks to the intelligent ALMEMO connector system, be completely programmed.

These measuring instruments provide a broad range of functions with many configurable options. All parameters can be accessed via the interface and can, since the memory in the connectors may be overwritten, be freely modified as and whenever necessary.

View the Touchscreen ALMEMO Data Logging System video:

View The ALMEMO Data Logging System video:

ALMEMO® Measuring and Data Logging Instruments

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