Peristaltic Pumps Boxer 9K & 9QQ Series

DC Gear or Stepper Motor, Liquid Flow Rate to 200 ml/min


Boxer 9K & 9QQ compact peristaltic pumps utilize a three, four or six roller system for precise delivery of liquids to 200 ml/min. dependent on tube size and motor selected.

The DC motor version can optionally be provided with an integrated encoder for motor shaft position feedback for accurate dispensing of desired volumes of liquids.

Model 9K & 9QQ peristaltic pumps are offered with a choice of four and five tube diameters respectively and four tube materials as well as three roller configurations.

A unique hinged lid allows for quick removal of cover and tubing for fast and easy tube replacement.

Stepper motors offer the versatility of finite speed control.

Peristaltic Pump Boxer9K9QQ

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