Boxer Stepper Motor Controller/Drivers for Boxer Peristaltic Pumps

Model Series iD, A2 & A4


The Boxer Digital Stepper Driver (iD) is a power and fully programmable controller designed specifically for use with the Boxer Peristaltic Pump Series 25K, 15KS, 15QQ, 9K, and 9QQ.
Features include:
› 3 Running modes (dispense, dose, and analog)
› LCD display
› Calibration for volumetric dispense
› Automatic stall and open lid detection (for 25K series only)
› Push button or remote inputs
› Programmable settings include acceleration, deceleration, time interval and suck-back

A2 & A4 stepper motor controllers are microprocessor embedded, voltage control, miniature stepper motor controllers. They are integrally designed to fit onto stepper motors, and simple to control. Motor speed can be controlled by an analog voltage or a 10K potentiometer. It is simple, stable and low cost. A2 can provide 0 – 2A adjustable phase current through 10 ~ 30VDC input voltage. A4 can provide 0 – 4A adjustable phase current through 10 ~ 40VDC input voltage.

Boxer Stepper Motor Controller/Drivers
Boxer Stepper Motor Controller/Drivers 2
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