Diaphragm Pump Boxer 20K Series

Gas Flow Rate to 500 ml/m


The Boxer 20K Series Diaphragm Pump is a single-headed miniature diaphragm pump. With a ‘best-in-class’ body width of just 12 mm, it is designed for applications requiring minimized size, power and weight. Typical examples include portable environmental gas analysis, medical monitoring, medical therapy and chemical agents/biohazard detection.

Recognizing that instrument miniaturization can often result in lower performance requirements, the Boxer 20K Series Diaphragm Pump is additionally available in a ‘Low Flow’ configuration, which maximizes efficiency (longer battery life) at the lower end flow range of this series. This is achieved through the use of optimized low-speed coreless motors combined with a pump head specifically designed for low flow. These Pumps are listed as ‘Coreless LF’. Additionally, stable flow valve technology ensures consistent operation at flows below 50 ml/m without influence from the pump’s orientation.


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