Disposable Flowmeter Clamp Holder System

F.S. ranges of 2 & 20 lpm, Frequency Out, For Use With Equflow Flow Tubes


These flowmeters feature Equflow disposable PVDF or PFA turbine flow sensors. They have low flow capabilities useful in a wide range of flow processes.

The idea is to enable fast exchange of the flow sensor in single-use applications. Typical applications are found in clinical, analytical, bio-tech and pharmaceutal chemistry equipment, where frequent tube
changes are neccessary to avoid contamination of the process.

Despite the term “disposable”, these devices are also suitable for long-term measurement. Options include alarm, programmable K-factor and batch functions.


  • Performs a fast exchange of the flow tubes.
  • High resolution square wave output.
  • Flow measuring with revolutionary Infra-Red turbine rotor reflection
  • PVDF or PFA wetted parts for high chemical resistance
  • Also suitable for opaque liquids
  • Meet all requirements of US Pharmacopeia Class VI
  • BSE/TSE certificate available
  • PVDF flowcells Gamma stable up to 50 kGy
  • Tube can be sterilized up to 140 °C
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