2-Way & 3-Way 1/2″ to 3″ Electronic Ball Valves

On/Off, Tri-State, & Modulating


Clark electrically actuated ball valves are supplied with bronze or 316 stainless steel body and 316 stainless steel ball (with TFE reinforced seats) and stem. The valve stem seal is high performance graphite impregnated Teflon™. The stem seal is rated four times the modulation life of RTFE making the valve ideal for modulating or tri-state applications.

The valves have a blowout proof stem design and are individually leak tested with air under water at each end of travel. The stem packing gland nut is adjustable to compensate for wear. The valve design allows disassembly of valve top, inspection, and replacement of packing without system shutdown or valve body removal.

A High/Low temperature option provides MTFE ball seats for excellent wear on low pressure steam (<15 PSI) and other applications where the temperature varies.

The valve actuator brackets are metallic, not plastic, and allow free air movement between the actuator and the valve to minimize heat transfer and condensation. The high temperature seal option adds dimension between the valve and actuator.

2-Way & 3-Way 1/2" to 3" Electronic Ball Valves
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