Liquid/Gas/Steam Flow Meter 7000/8000 Series

Differential Pressure Type, 1/4” to 8” Pipe, Alarm, Frequency & Analog Outputs


Use the 7000/8000 Series Differential Pressure Flow Meters for measuring the flow rate of liquids, gases, compressed air, or steam in closed pipes. Flow switch and flow transmitters options for process monitoring and control are standardly available. The meters feature a large easy to read analog dial with 270 degree pointer movement or a digital display where both rate and total measurements are displayed.

The 7000/8000 Series Flow Meter measures flow based on a pressure differential created across a built-in calibrated nozzle. When ordered without output options, the meter is self-contained and complete. It does not require external power connections, separate orifices, or blocking, purging, or equalizing valves.

Flow Meter 7000/8000
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