Gear Wheel Flow Meter for Viscous Liquids Model DV04

Frequency Output, 1/8” to 1-1/2” Pipe Size, Pressure to 5800 PSI, Temperature to 302°F


The measuring mechanism in the DV04 Gear Wheel Flow Meter consists of a pair of gearwheels that are driven by the fluid stream, much like a gearwheel pump. The measuring mechanism is supported by sleeve bearings or ball bearings. Two antimagnetic sensors, with a relative phase offset of 90° and hermetically isolated from the measuring chamber, sense the movement of the gear wheels. This two-channel sensing system used with appropriate electronics permits a higher measurement resolution as well as detection of flow direction. All flow meters are optionally available in a explosionproof design with a separate switching amplifier. The DV04 gearwheel flow meter features very low resistance to flow and particularly low sound pressure levels.

Their outstanding measuring accuracy and high resolution make these devices particularly suitable for use in test stands when measuring small and very small flow volumes. Other areas of application:

Measuring consumption rates
Controlling and regulating filling processes
Dosing of oils and chemicals
Flow measurement of paints and varnishes
Controlling the ratio of polyalcohol/polyhydroxy alcohol and isocyanate

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Flow Meter DV04
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