Screw Spindle Type Flow Meter for Highly Viscous Liquids Model DV08

Viscous Media to 40,000 mPas, Frequency Output, 1” to 2-1/2” Pipe Size, Pressure to 5000 PSI, Temperature to 302°F


The DV08 Screw Spindle Type Flow Meter is fitted with twin helical screws, which rotate in opposite directions due to the flow of product being monitored. The rotational speed is proportional to the flow rate. The rotary motion of the screws is detected by a sensor which emits two pulses per revolution. Each pulse signal represents a predefined volume of product. The flowmeter doesn’t have to be taken out of the pipe system for changing the pick-up system because the pick-up is hermetically sealed from the medium. The viscosity of the product has virtually no effect on the DV08 due to the volumetrical measurement technique used.

The DV08 can be used for flow measurement, monitoring and totalizing of liquid, viscous and self-lubricating products up to 40,000 mPas. The device is suitable for use in hydraulic systems, and for lubricant monitoring, metering soaps, pastes and emulsions – to name but a few of its application areas.

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Flow Meter for Highly Viscous Liquids Model DV08
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