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Master-Touch™ Series 8800MP Flow Meters

Insertion-Integral Style Thermal Mass Flow Meters, 6” to 36” Insertion Lengths


Insertion style thermal mass flow meters include a sensor & probe assembly that is inserted into the process gas flow conduit to allow the process gas to flow across the flow sensing elements. Our insertion style flowmeters are available with 1/2”, 3/4”, or 1” OD probes. Tube fittings and ball valve retractor assemblies, with or without a mounting flange, are also available from the factory as options. The tube length must be specified upon ordering. Standard lengths range from a minimum of 6” to a maximum of 36”. For other probe diameters and lengths, please consult the factory.

Integral style thermal mass flow meters have all of the electrical components and connections located within one enclosure. This enclosure may be rated for either hazardous environments (MP Series) or for ordinary, non-hazardous environments (MPNH Series), as necessary. The enclosure is mounted directly to the inline flow section or to the insertion probe assembly at the point of measurement. The enclosure includes the all of the electrical connections as well as the linearizing electronics and the display/keypad assembly.

Master-Touch™ Series 8800MP Flow meters
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