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Master-Touch™ Series 8000MP/8100MP Flow Meters

Inline-Remote Monitor Style Thermal Mass Flow Meters, 1/4” to 4” Pipe


Inline style thermal mass flow meters include a flow section that is usually specified to match the user’s flow conduit and is then plumbed directly into the process line. This design has the sensing elements mounted directly in the flow section for exposure to the process gas. Our inline style thermal mass flow meters are available in sizes from 1/4” pipe through 4” pipe or tube, and are provided with a variety of options such as MNPT ends, tube end fittings, butt weld ends, flanged end configurations, etc. as required. Pipe sizes in excess of 4” typically require insertion style thermal mass flow meters. MP Series flow meters are approved for use in hazardous locations.

Thermal flow meters offer simple, low cost operation for accurate, economical and reliable gas flow measurement for compressed air, natural gas, aeration basins, bio/digester gas, HVAC systems — virtually any gas flow. With all of the major industry approvals and a variety of configuration and installation choices, our Master-Touch™ flow meters could be solving your measurement challenges, too.


Master-Touch™ Series 8000MP–8100MP Flowmeters
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