Turbine Flow Sensor PFA (0045, 0085, 00125)

PFA Wetted Parts, F.S. Ranges of 2 & 20 lpm, Frequency Output


The PFA Turbine Flow Sensor has low flow sensing capabilities in a wide range of applications, and is suitable for clear, opaque, neutral, corrosive and aggressive liquids including fuel.

An ultra-lightweight turbine follows the fluctuation of flow very accurately and generates a high resolution IR reflected digital output signal.

Aggressive media can be measured, as the only wetted materials are PFA and a ruby bearing.

K-factors (pulses per liter) are factory determined and provided for each flow tube. Customer specified K-factors can be accommodated and are programmed at the factory.

External optional electronic packages for the PFA Turbine Flow Sensor include model PD6300 Flow rate indicator and totalizer and PD6310 batch controllers. Rich in features, these products provide complete solutions for monitoring and batching applications.

Flow Sensor PFA
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