Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor PVDF

PVDF Wetted Parts, F.S. Ranges of 2 & 20 lpm, Frequency Output


The PVDF Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor has been developed to perform a fast interchange of the flow tube to accommodate hygienic applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, and bio-technological industries. It has low flow capabilities and high resolution square wave output. The flow tube can be sterilized to 140°C (284°F) and is gamma radiation resistant up to 50 kGy. These features make this model ideal for monitoring and controlling fluid flows in sanitary applications.

A field replaceable ultra-lightweight turbine assembly follows the fluctuation of flow very accurately and generates a high resolution IR (Infrared) reflected digital output signal.

External optional electronic packages for the PVDF Disposable Turbine Flow Sensor include model PD6300 flow rate indicator and totalizer and PD6310 batch controllers. Rich in features, these products provide complete solutions for monitoring and batching applications.

Flow Sensor PVDF
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