Viscosity Compensated Variable Area Flow Meter / Flow Switch Model DS07

1/4” to 1” Pipe Size, Pressure to 232 PSI, Temperature to 320°F


The Flow Meter and Flow Switch Model DS07 works according to a modified variable area principle. The float is guided in a cylindrical measuring glass by means of a spring. The flowing medium moves the float in the flow direction. The upper edge of the float shows the momentary flow via a burnt-in scale on the measuring glass.

A Reed contact is mounted outside the meter in a sealed housing. When the float reaches the position of the Reed contact the switch will close. With higher flows the float moves further upward until it reaches a built-in float stop, still keeping the switch closed. This ensures a bistable switch function at any time. The Reed contact is adjustable over the full measuring range of the meter.

The built-in spring and the magnetic float guarantee an absolute reliability of the meter. This spring, which pushes the float back towards its zero position against the flow, makes it possible to use the meter in any mounting position. The spring is artificially aged, thus eliminating the need for recalibration to the different mounting positions.

The strong spring and an orifice in the float work together to limit the effects of viscosity changes to an absolute minimum compared to regular variable area flowmeters.

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Flow Switch Model DS07
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