FV Series Inert Isolation Type Miniature Solenoid Valves

2-way N.C , 0.4 mm Orifice, Hose Barb Connection or Manifold Mount


FV series valves are only 4.2mm square(4.2×4.2×23.1mm
not including wires).They are an innovative and groundbreaking ultra-small solenoid valve that can be mounted
in the smallest of spaces, minimizing the manifold size and
shortening the length of flow paths.
FV valves have xcellent chemical resistance – PEEK and
perfluoroelastomer are used for the wetted materials and
materials can be changed according to your requirements.
Miniaturization has resulted in very small internal volumes
ranging from 1.1 to 4.3µl depending on the model. These
low volumes contribute to reductions in reagent and
sample quantities and improvements in analysis accuracy.
The FV type valve is a normal solenoid type while the FLV
is a latching type that changes state by reversing the magnetic field of the valve coil. This is accomplished by changing the coil wire polarity. A magnet maintains the
changed state.

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