Inert Dispensing Pumps MCP & PKP Series

Solenoid Operated, Dispensed Volumes from 1 to 500 μl


MCP & PKP Series Inert Dispensing Pumps have inert wetted parts and accurately dispense liquid media over an adjustable range of 1 to 500 microliters.

The pumps utilize a solenoid operated piston with a spring return. The MCP-10 type pump is basically a two-way inert valve with one port plugged. The pumping function is like that of an eye dropper. The MCP-50 and the PKP type pump have opposing duckbill type check valves at the pump inlet and outlet that work with the piston movement for pumping action. The piston stroke can be field adjusted or factory set to deliver a prescribed volume with each solenoid actuation. The process media is isolated from the metal solenoid parts by an inert diaphragm.

Model PKP 300 can pump a maximum of 300 microliters per solenoid actuation and Model PKP-500 can pump 500 microliters.

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