Input Connectors for Measuring and Data Logging Instruments


Our patented intelligent connector makes the ALMEMO® measuring system extraordinarily flexible. In addition to ALMEMO sensors, you can also use your own existing sensors with simply integrated ALMEMO connectors.

We can supply you with ALMEMO connectors specially pre-programmed for this purpose with your sensor parameters and the appropriate measuring range. These have six screw terminals and can be easily and conveniently connected. All devices and connectors offer the following functions:

Each measuring point can be assigned a specific designation
The sensor signals can be scaled
FM Type 4X, IP65 Front

The new measuring and data logging instruments with ALMEMO connectors also offer the following additional functions:
Multi-point calibration data can be saved in the connector
User-defined linearization with up to 30 points can be factory programmed in the connector
Control points with actual / setpoint value table can be entered quickly and easily via the free AMR-Control software or the device itself
Calibration schedules can be managed in the connector and are detected automatically

Input Connectors for Measuring and Data Logging Instruments

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