Conductive Level Switch Model FK10

SS, Titanium or Hastelloy Electrodes, Up to 5 Switch Points, Insertion to 40”, Pressure to 290 PSI


Model series FK10 conductive level switches are intended to be used with the FKE electrode relay for detecting the level of conductive fluids. An A.C. voltage is applied to an electrode insulated from the tank. When the electrode is wetted by the process fluid, a low current flows from the electrode through the fluid to the tank wall (in the case of plastic tanks, the current flows to a ground electrode). This current flow is detected by the electrode relay and output as a switching signal.

To detect the fill limit in tanks containing conductive fluids
To report whether the tank is empty or full
To switch over between two filling heights
To provide overflow protection
To provide dry-running protection

No moving parts
Not influenced by specific gravity of fluid

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Conductive Level Switch Model FK10
Conductive Level Switch Model FK10
Conductive Level Switch Model FK10
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