Magnet Drive Rotary Vane Pump TM 30-200 Series

Flow to 550 LPH, Pressure to 200 PSI


The principle of the magnet drive is the driving force of the pole-to-pole alignment of 2 magnets. The driven magnet is attached to the pump shaft within the pump, while the driving magnet is attached to the motor shaft and closely located to the driven magnet. By means of magnetic attraction, the pump rotates in response to motor shaft rotation.

This series of pumps are available in four different displacements. The housing is either brass or AISI 303 stainless steel with carbon graphite internal components. The Pumps can be equipped with an optional built-in relief valve. Inlet and outlet ports have ⅜” NPT female threads. All models are available with NBR, Viton or EPDM seals. Compared to conventional coupling, the magnet drive has several advantages:

  • Immediate decoupling upon overload
  • Longer service life
  • Higher efficiency
  • No leaks or contamination
  • Noiseless operation

Magnet Drive Rotary Vane Pump TM 30-200 Series
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