Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps w/Brushless 24VDC Motor FG Series

Integrated Motor Driver, Chemically Resistant Design, Flow to 205 LPH


The FG Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pump combines a 24V brushless DC drive motor in a rotor-less configuration with the motor driver circuit and a high precision mag drive external MG series gear pump to deliver a high-end system capable of handling fluids in the most demanding applications.

The service life of the unit, due to fewer moving parts and to the excellent balance of the system, is greatly extended compared to traditional pump-motor units. The integration of the pump, motor, and variable speed controller provides an electromagnetically coupled, leak-free fluidic system with a high degree of versatility.

The extreme accuracy of the design and construction allows the unit to deliver a smooth and pulsation-free flow in all conditions. Different materials are available for a wide array of fluids, and built-in relief valves are available on request.

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