Magnetic Driven Gear Pump with DC Motor MK200/300 Series

Flow to 240 LPH (63.4 GPH), Pressure to 20 Bar (290 PSI)


The MK 200/300 Series Magnetic Driven Gear Pumps are designed to complete the existing MG 200 series with the improved performance in terms of flow rate, pressure, the capability to handle high viscosity fluids and a wider offer of materials to suit most applications, from food to industrial and chemical markets.

The housing of the pump and the internal metal parts are AISI 316L. In/Out ports have ¼” NPT female threads. The gears are available in PTFE or PEEK™. The driving magnet is rare earth type, capable of driving the pump at high pressure.

The motor with adapter and drive magnet is heavy duty, providing a reliable and noiseless operation in a compact size package. The pole-to-pole alignment of the two magnets provides the driving motion to the pump. Decoupling will occur when the pumps load exceed the maximum coupling torque provided by the alignment of the two magnets.

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