Model 2073, 2-Way, NC Solenoid or Pneumatic Valve

3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2” For Dust Collector Reverse Pulse Applications


Model 2073 two-way normally closed valves are designed for use on dust collection equipment (Bag Houses) to deliver pulses of compressed air to filtering tube sleeves. The air knocks off accumulated media “cake” on the filter on a timed basis or on demand via a control loop. The cake falls to a hopper from which it is removed.

The valves employ a choice of solenoid or pneumatic valve operation.  The valves have a high flow rate and fast response time.

Model 2073 valves have injected or cast aluminum bodies and a choice of Acrylo-Nitrile or Hytrel diaphragm materials. NEMA 4 weatherproof coil construction is optional.

Model 2073 2-Way, NC Solenoid or Pneumatic Valve
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