Piezo Pump for Gases


The Bartels MP6-gas micropump is a miniature double diaphragm pump which functions by using two piezo actuators in conjunction with passive check valves to push gas in a set direction. This pump is designed for applications moving small volumes of gas/ air, and ideal for applications which require multiple pumps running in parallel. As a result of the principle of operations and materials of construction, this pump has high temperature and particle tolerance for its size.

Innovative design combined with automated assembly makes this high quality micropump cost effective and configurable for customer applications. Configurations of the MP6-Gas can be provided with a choice of inert and biocompatible wetted materials, appropriate electronic drivers, and can have flow curves catered toward the application. The flow curve can be customized by modifying the stroke of the pump, and through the use of control signal. Resources and engineering time are available upon request to configure and integrate the pump drivers with each OEMs unique electronics.

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