Peristaltic Pumps Boxer 15KS & 15QQ Series

DC Gear or Stepper Motor, Liquid Flow Rate to 900 ml/min


The Boxer 15KS & 15QQ Peristaltic Pumps utilize a three, four or six roller system for delivery of liquids from 1.4 (lower with stepper motor) to 900 ml/min. dependent on tube size and motor selected.

15KS & 15QQ Peristaltic Pumps have a “Clip-On” pump head and the clamshell design facilitates tube change. It accommodates a continuous tube length.

The design is suitable for continuous operation. 15QQ models incorporate a unique floating saddle to enhance tube life and/or limit pressure.

Model 15K is offered with a choice of four inside tube diameters, 1.6 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm and 4.8 mm. The unit panel mounts.

Peristaltic Pump 15KS-15QQ
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