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Peristaltic pumps that should be candidates for your applications:

Boxer 9QX

The 9QX is the smallest flip-top peristaltic pump available. With an elegant body design of just 40 x 62 mm (width x height) it stands just 21.5mm(depth) off a panel mount. The flip-top design allows tube loading and unloading with ultimate ease.


Boxer 9K and 9QQ

Boxer 9K & 9QQ compact peristaltic pumps utilize a three, four or six roller system for precise delivery of liquids to 200 ml/min. dependent on tube size and motor selected. The DC motor version can optionally be provided with an integrated encoder for motor shaft position feedback for accurate dispensing of desired volumes of liquids.


Boxer 15KS and 15QQ


The Boxer 15KS & 15QQ Peristaltic Pumps utilize a three, four, or six roller system for delivery of liquids from 1.4 (lower with stepper motor) to 900 ml/min. dependent on tube size and motor selected. 15KS & 15QQ Peristaltic Pumps have a “Clip-On” pump head and the clamshell design facilitates tube change. It accommodates a continuous tube length. Suitable for continuous operation,15QQ models incorporate a unique floating saddle to enhance tube life and/or limit pressure.


Boxer 25K

The 25K Series Peristaltic Pump is a versatile flip-top peristaltic pump offering flow to 2100 ml/min with an impressive range of features. The pump is driven by a 24 V stepper motor providing
exceptional flow control with options for fully assembled drivers.

Model M1500

Model M1500 Peristaltic Pump is a rugged, dependable pump utilizing thick wall tubing for improved performance on viscous fluids. It has considerable suction lift ability.
The M1500 Peristaltic Pump is typically used for chemical dosing, vending machines, crop spraying and other fluidic applications.

Vantage 5000

The Vantage 5000 cased drive peristaltic pump accurately doses liquids at pressures exceeding 100 PSI for industries ranging from the aseptic, pharmaceutical environment to the harsh requirements of water treatment and mining.
-Advanced touchscreen controls
-Intuitive, easy to follow menus
-Large diameter rotor
-Maximum flow rate 104.6 GPH
-Precision stepper motor dosing 4096:1 speed control ratio
-USB interface for pump back-up and job transfer
-Many remote controls options: analog, digital & BUS control versions.

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Clark Solutions has leveraged years of success to become a trusted factory representative for over 25 companies located here in the USA, as well as eight international partners plus our own manufactured products. Our team represents and supports the world’s best in flow, pressure, level, temperature control products, and a full range of small pumps and specialty valves. Each product line has been chosen to fill unique niches and specialized application needs. We work daily to match our customer’s specific requirements to quality components.

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