Differential Pressure Indicator & Transmitter 699 Series

Field Selectable Voltage and Current Outputs, F.S. Ranges From 0.1 to 20″ w.c.


699 Series Differential Pressure Indicator & Transmitter measures low differential pressures typically found in air conditioning applications such as air flow measurement, fan static pressures, and specialty room pressure measurements in clean rooms and other low pressure space monitoring applications.

The 699 Series incorporates time proven ceramic fulcrum lever technology. They deliver adjusted and temperature-compensated sensor signals, available as standard voltage or current outputs.

The 699 Differential Pressure Indicator & Transmitter is available in three configurations offering different levels of function and cost.

Configuration 1 is a transmitter with field selectable ranges and factory preset output signal and zero offset configurations.

Configuration 2 incorporates a 10 position DIP switch allowing field selection of range, output signal, and response time. A potentiometer allows further adjustment of span within the selected range.

Configuration 3 incorporates an LED display and full field function programing via programming button including setting of range and fine tuning of span, output signal, zero offset, units of measurement, response time, square root extraction, and display light settings.

Pressure Indicator & Transmitter 699 Series
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