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Programmable Bench Top Peristaltic Pump Dispenser Boxer 9110

Variable Speed, Reversible, Liquid Flow to 180 ml/min


The Boxer 9110 is a “plug and play” tabletop dispenser system for laboratory and dosing applications. It is supplied complete with pump unit, 1m of tubing, dispenser tip and holder, set of tube clips, universal power supply, and instruction manual.

Fitted with a quality 24 VDC motor geared to either 320 or 520 rpm, the Boxer 9110 is a fully programmable, compact, and economic dispenser.

Boxer 9110 Programmable Bench Top Peristaltic Pumps Dispensers are supplied standard with a Ø2.0 mm ID Silicone tube.

Peristaltic Pump-Disp9110
Peristaltic Pump Disp9110
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