RTD & Thermocouple Probes Model TF04

Optional 4-20 mA or 0-10 V Output


Model TF04 RTD & Thermocouple Probes are resistance thermometers and thermocouples manufactured to DIN 43770 and are made of a sturdy, heavy duty stainless steel protective tube, a replaceable measuring insert and a connecting head. The standard protective tubes are available with a male-threaded fitting, sliding flange or for welding. Other options are available with fixed flange, sanitary flange or clamp connection.

Apart from the Form B connecting head, other designs like Form A, stainless steel field housing etc., are available. The measuring insert is a Pt 100 sensor, Class B (optional Class A) or a model K (NiCr-Ni) thermocouple. Alternatively, other resistance sensors or thermocouples can be supplied.

As an option, these temperature probes can be fitted with a transmitter, which can be set at the factory to customer specification for a specific measuring range.

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RTD & Thermocouple Probes Model TF04
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