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Sight Flow Indicator Model DG04

Flow Sight Glass for Installation Between Two Flanges


Model Series DG04 Sight Glasses are distinguished by their rugged construction and wide range of applications. They feature 0.94″, 1.18″, or 1.97″ / 24, 30, or 50 mm long transparent cylinders made of acrylic, soda-lime, or borosilicate glass with very high wall thickness. These cylinders are intended to be clamped between two existing flanges. Their dimensions match those of the sealing face on the raised area of the flange. This sizing makes support from a separate metal housing unnecessary. In addition, this design allows the flow to be viewed and monitored from any direction. The flange bolts also offer additional protection against mechanical damage.The borosilicate glass version can be installed in devices used with very caustic/corrosive liquids. They are insensitive to contamination because the inner surface is constantly being rinsed by the flowing liquid. In particular, the larger nominal sizes are very cost effective solutions since they only require the transparent cylinder and no metal housing with flanges.

This product sold by PKP Process Instruments, Inc., a joint venture of Clark Solutions and PKP Prozessmesstechnik GmbH.

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Sight Flow Indicator Model DG04
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