Vortex Flow Transmitter 200 Series

Frequency Output, 1/4″ to 1.0″ Pipe Sizes, Rugged Molded PPA Construction, Flow from 0.24 to 39.6 GPM (0.9 to 150 LPM)


The Series 200 Vortex Flow Transmitters are designed with equipment manufacturers in mind and are an excellent economical choice for system flow monitoring and control.

The transmitters work on the principle of Kármáns vortex trail, named after Theodore von Kármán’s mathematical description of the phenomenon. Vortex shedding flow meters present the flow in a pipe with an obstruction/bluff in the flow meter body. As velocity increases, alternating vortices are formed on each side of the bluff body and travel downstream.

The 200 series utilizes piezoelectric sensors embedded in an ETFE vane located downstream of the bluff to detect the generated vortices. The frequency measured represents the flow velocity. A flow factor is provided to convert frequency to volume flow rate for each model size.

Vortex Flow Transmitter 200
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