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Welcome! At you will find unique products for measuring, monitoring, and control. Our product offerings are divided into three areas: pumps, valves, and instrumentation. Many of these products may be purchased online and our sales engineers are only a phone call away.

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Clark Solutions sells products for measuring, monitoring and/or controlling flow, pressure, energy, velocity & light, temperature, level, humidity, rotation / surface speed / force, and more. "

Clark Sonic

The Clark Sonic family of instruments includes ultrasonic flow meters, ultrasonic vortex flow meters, and ultrasonic energy flow meters, as well as flow indicators and totalizers. We at Clark Solutions design the Clark Sonic line; we build the products, we develop the software.

If your application requires a pump solution, our range of small to mid-size pump products includes miniature piston pumps, gear pumps, rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, solenoid pumps, and others for a broad range of liquid and gas applications. Clark valve products range from specialized subminiature inert isolation valves to 20" motorized butterfly valves. Many of our valve products are available in special materials for demanding applications. Our instrumentation line extends from bench top and handheld data loggers capable of connecting to virtually any sensor, to measurement devices for flow, pressure, temperature, level, velocity, and other properties.

If you have an application that calls for products with uncommon features or performance specifications, call us: If we don't have your product solution, we may know someone who does! We SELL pumps, valves, and instrumentation, but we BUILD relationships! Contact Clark Solutions today!

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Are you searching for products for measuring, monitoring, and control? At Clark Solutions, you'll find a vast inventory of quality products for a wide range of demanding applications. With our help, you can quickly navigate your way to the ultimate options in quality small- to mid-size pump products. Clark Solutions focuses on providing you with a one of a kind shopping experience that saves you time and money. Now that you've found us, your search for pumps, valves, and instrumentation is over. Read more about our vast array of product offerings.

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With Clark Solutions, you can simplify your search for the highest quality products on the Internet.

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When you need assistance with pumps, valves, and instrumentation, Clark Solutions can help. Our Find it Fast search feature saves you time in your quest for specific products or solutions. With one click, you'll have instant access to our full array of products by category. Find it Fast makes it easy to locate pumps, valves, and instrumentation based on the specifications of any application. Find the highest quality product offerings in ultrasonic flow meters, energy meters, BTU meters, and much more. Let the Clark Solutions experts assist in your search for the utmost in quality, service, and value. When you're ready for long-term stability, accuracy, and low cost, this is the place to find it all.

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Are you ready to navigate your way to the best selection of pumps, valves, and instrumentation? Clark Solutions' easy online shopping experience will save you time in your search for the highest levels of quality and value. Should you need assistance of any kind, please feel free to contact the Clark Solutions team.

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