Data acquisition

Data Acquisition Components

Data Acquisition Components
Clark Solutions is proud to offer the Almemo line of high accuracy measuring instrument, data acquisition, and data logging systems. The Almemo system features measuring instruments and intelligent connectors for reporting a wide variety of sensor outputs.  Almemo instruments and data loggers are used routinely in testing laboratories, research facilities, and industrial monitoring applications.

Ahlborn Portable & Bench Mount Data Loggers ( for use with ALMEMO™ Sensors & Interface plugs)
From 1 to 1000 Measuring Points
Extensive range of transducers, sensors and signals can be connected via the ALMEMO™ plug system

Specialty ALMEMO™ Sensors  for Ahlborn Data Loggers
Sensors Measuring Data Logging Instruments
Humidity, Gas Concentration, Water Analysis, Meterology, Electrical Variables, Building Physics
Ahlborn Datalogger Software Ahlborn Datalogger Software
AMR Configuration Software WinControl Software Package
Input Connectors for Measuring,Data Logging Instruments Input Connectors for Measuring/Data Logging Instruments
Thermocouples, RTDs, Resistance, Potentiometer Pickoffs, Volt DC, Volts AC, Measuring Bridges, DC Current, Frequency, Pulse, Rotational Speed, Special Needs
Da Output ModulesDatalogger Output, Communication & Interface Module
Enable measuring & datalogging instruments to communicate with its environment, i.e., transfer measured data to peripheral equipment, execute commands from a computer, trigger alarm signals, and respond to switching pulses.
Accessories: ALMEMO® MeMemory Connectors, Probe Extension Cables, Batteries, DC & AC Power Supplies, Instrument Casesmory Connectors, Probe Extension Cables, Batteries, DC & AC Power Supplies, Instrument Cases
Memory Connector, Cables, Batteries, Power Supplies, GPS Mouse, Instrument cases
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