Gear Wheel Flow Meter for Viscous Liquids Model DV01

Frequency Output, 3/8” to 1” Pipe Size, Pressure to 2900 PSI, Temperature to 176°F


The DV01 measuring system consists of a pair of gear wheels which, according to the gear wheel pump principle, are rotated by the flowing liquid. The gear wheel bearings are constructed as radial and axial plain bearings (in the case of the DV01.1 and DV01.3; the DV01.2 uses ball bearings).

A magnetoresistive measuring system hermetically sealed from the measuring chamber senses the rotation of the gear wheels and converts it into a pulse train. Gear wheel flow meter DV01 causes a very low pressure drop and emits especially little noise.

The gear wheel flow meters models DV01 are mainly used for consumption measurement, the control of dosing applications, and for monitoring lubricating points.Because of their small dimensions and their low price they are especially suited for all kinds of OEM applications.

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Flow Meter DV01
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