Shape Memory Alloy Valve – MVL

2/2-Way, Media Separated, Normally Closed, Seat Valve


The Memetis MVL is a normally closed micro valve designed for Microfluidics OEMs. The MVL is ideal for complex fluidic systems due to its small size, low power consumption, and quick hysteresis. The small size of the valve is achieved through both the use of shape memory alloy foil and the method through which a diaphragm is attached at the factory. The diaphragm provides separation from the flow media, and the wetted materials can be catered toward what is most compatible for the application.

Mounting of the valve body in process is achieved with barbed connectors or a manifold. Media separation is attained through selection of an appropriate diaphragm material and tested for long duty cycle operations. This isolation style valve is designed to have minimal internal volume resulting in less trapped flow media. The small size, array of wetted materials, and noiseless operation make this an ideal valve for a variety of applications involving low volume dosing.

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