Diaphragm Pump Boxer 12KD Series

Gas Flow Rate to 2 l/m


The Boxer 12KD Series Diaphragm Pump is a double-headed version of the Series 12K pumps for increased flow performance. The Pumps feature unique exchangeable heads and panel mounting.

Once contaminated, replacement of all wetted parts takes only a few seconds with the removal of two screws. The panel mounted motor remains inside of the instrument.

Two heads allow flexibility of parallel or series connections to extend the pressure/vacuum capability or to pump two distinct gases.

Like all other pumps in the Boxer range, the Boxer 12KD Series Diaphragm Pumps can be customized to specific requirements. 12KD pumps are available with iron core or coreless motor options.

Diaphragm Pump Boxer 12KD
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