EMX-25 Miniature Piston Pump

Solenoid Operated, Flow to 12 L/H (3.17 GPH)
Pressure to 2.5 Bar (36.3 PSI)


Model EMX-25 oscillating piston pump is a great solution for low
volume liquid pumping applications where small size is a critical factor.

The piston size and the length of its displacement define the flow
rate. The pressure limits itself automatically. The pumps will run
without damage when the liquid flow is stopped momentarily.
The precision ground machined elements, piston, and bushing,
guarantee minimum wear and exceptional component life. With only
stainless steel connectors, piston, and spring and PTFE or PPS valve tips
in contact with the media, the pumps are suitable for a wide range of
fluids and applications.

EMX-25 Miniature Piston
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