Flow Meter / Flow Sensor FSI-S00-000

Saddle Mount, Impeller Type, 3” & 4” Pipe Size, Pulse Output


FSI-S00 flow meters are designed specifically for flow monitoring and flow control applications in fluidic systems where the materials of construction and performance specifications are suitable.

The flow sensors are designed specifically for irrigation measurement and control applications. The standard two-wire flow sensor output is a digital square wave proportional to flow. The characteristics of the output signal duplicate existing impeller flow sensor signals making the FSI series sensor compatible with all manufacturers’ control products.

The pulse signal will travel up to 2,000 feet without amplification.

The flow sensor insert mounts in a housing that controls the depth and alignment of the impeller, unlike other insert type flow sensors that may be misaligned or set to the wrong depth. The housing is permanently attached to the PVC saddle, therefore no additional mounting hardware is required. They are rated to operate at pressures up to 150 psi.

Flow Meter FSI-S00-000
Flow Meter FSI-S00-000 2nd
Flow Meter FSI-S00-000 3rd
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