Eldridge Products, Inc.
Series 400 ValuMass™ Flow Meters

Inline type 1/4” to 3” Pipe, Insertion Type 6”, 12” & 18”


Series 400 offers a lower cost option for many flow applications with the high value associated with all of EPI’s flow measurement instrumentation.

ValuMass™ Flow Meters include a robust feature set: 0–5, 10 VDC, 4–20mA, RS485 Modbus RTU and optional 0–1 kHz outputs (proportional to the gas mass flow rate); an RS232C port; 16-bit linearization technology for flow rate accuracy; a fully programmable relay; and rugged construction of 316/316L stainless steel wetted parts. An optional 2-line, 16-character backlit LCD displays the flow rate and the elapsed total readouts.

ValuMass™ inline and insertion flow meters accommodate virtually all installation requirements. The Series 400 inline style flow meters are available for line sizes from ¼” to 2”. The 3 ½” long flow sections have MNPT ends as standard for easy mounting in the process line. Other end fittings are available. The Series 440 insertion style flow meters are available with 6”, 12” or 18” long probes which include a compression fitting. Other mounting options are available. ValuMass™ flow meters accept 24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC input power as specified at the time of purchase.


Series 400 ValuMass™ Flow Meter
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